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The Deans Marsh Cottage is an important vehicle that creates community development opportunities that have a positive impact on the town, its people and local services and groups.

We aim to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in activities and programs.

The Cottage is auspice to a range of local groups and events and works in partnership with local community groups and organisations.

the Cottage Team

MADCAP Deans Marsh and District Community Plan Update

Between October and December 2019, we conducted the MADCAP community consultation and engagement campaign.

MADCAP was about connecting, listening and generating ideas about how our community can work together to shape our future.

The overall aim of the campaign was to utilise the ideas and opinions generated as the basis for the Deans Marsh & District Community Action Plan.

Over the last three months teams of locals have read, reviewed and sifted through all the information generated and clearly identified what participating residents cared about as well as the key values that were highly regarded.

The guiding values of the plan come from this process and provide the philosophical context for the Deans Marsh and District Community Plan and the actions to be taken.

Any proposed community action will be measured against these values.

The Deans Marsh and District community’s priorities as outlined in the summary document directly flow from the MADCAP process.  Our community can work together to bring the projects of the Community Action Plan to realisation.

The next step is for you to provide your feedback to us by April 17th about the summary document and this will be reviewed before the plan is finalised.

As part of the MADCAP process a Community Builders Workshop was scheduled for mid-April, this has been postponed.  We are exploring how we can utilise on-line platforms and forums for facilitating this workshop and to support Community Plan working groups.

The Community Planning process was initiated because it became apparent that we needed to advocate strongly for our preferred future.

This is still crucial and with the challenges and opportunities that are currently present due to the Corona Virus Pandemic it is important we have a local framework for rebuilding once the shutdown eases.

It will be critical to retain our unique characteristics and values, along with addressing the aspects that we want to repair and change, to guide our way into the future.

The Deans Marsh and District Community Plan is not a static document it is something we will work with, evaluate and develop as we as a community continue to work towards fulfilling our goals.

Please send feedback to cottage@deansmarsh.org.au 

Thanks Lisa

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