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In 1993 two progressive trees groups in the Otway region, got together and applied for a Federal grant to set up a Farm Forestry project in the area. We could see the need for trees for a variety of reasons – so why not incorporate commercial trees in our landcare projects. Our application was successful and the Otway Agroforestry Network was born.

Doing It

This has empowered us to explore ways of integrating commercial trees into our farming systems . . our way. We knew that farmers in our area (most likely all farmers) aren’t going to give up large areas of land for a return in 10, 15 even 20 years time unless the tree crop can add benefit along the way. Since then a great deal of knowledge has been built up in the region and this is continuing. Agroforestry has a very important future in the Otway region and will develop as a dominant agricultural feature of the area. We are actively involved in local and regional forestry programs. Our Coordinator has a place on several advisory boards. The network has developed a high local and national profile, because we’re getting on with the job and helping ourselves.

Our Book

To date we have written and released the book “Agroforestry – Productive trees for shelter and land protection in the Otways”, now in its 2nd edition. This book has been used for the model for a similar book released in NE Victoria.It was written by farmers for farmers. It gives farmers and landowners the confidence to proceed in the knowledge that the agroforestry systems advocated have been well researched and have the support of local industry. Sales have been made to all states, as well as USA, Canada, Mexico, NZ & Spain.


We’ve been profiled on the National TV program Landline. This feature has been made into a 17 minute video, by request and sent interstate as a learning aid. The network has copies available – if you’d like a copy please contact us.

Master TreeGrower

We were the participants of the 1st Master TreeGrower course run in Australia. In fact we assisted the Melbourne University, School of Forestry & Resource in the development of the course. This has lead to our unique Site Visit Program.

Site Visits Program

The network is critical to the development of integrated farming systems involving trees. We have developed a team of farm forestry advisors (from people within our network) so we can actively provide farmers an opportunity to assess their situation and highlight what they want from the trees that they plant and identify their concerns. All our farm forestry advisors have successfully completed the Australian Master Tree Grower course.


-The Otway Agroforestry Network provide a valuable link across the community including government and industry.


– the network provides and sources a great deal of relevant information from stock to the finished product . . .

Vertical integration.

Field Days & Workshops- hands on practical stuff – the best way to learn!
Conferences – a great forum for exchange right across the board. Bringing all industry players closer together.
Site Visit Program- the unique farm forestry program – helping treegrowers help each other.
Eco Tours – the Otway Agroforestry Network is unique and diverse and provides a great opportunity for people interested in Agroforestry to view the many different applications in our area. Let US design a tour for you. 1/2 day, full day and larger tours can be organised to suit your needs.